welcome to crescent cafe, let's have a great time together!


Crescent Café centers around talents, creativity, and flexibility as a collaborative group that will be releasing episodes with voice dramas and cover songs, all in Japanese. The group is composed by people who are learning Japanese and at the same time, members with boundless ideas.The other side of the group aims to become a place where its members can learn, have fun, and improve as we work together to create something amazing.Tags: #crescentcafe


The group aims at releasing at least one song and original voice drama that reflects the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.The group also releases special videos, as a result of the members' collaboration outside of the group's main production.


All group members are amateurs and are learning every step of the way. Please watch over us with a kind and patient heart as we improve and put out even better episodes in the future.If you have any suggestions or advice, please don't hesitate to message us via our social media!Thank you!


三日月カフェ(クレセントカフェ)とはTalent(人材)、Creativity(独創性)、Flexibility(適応性)を中心に日本語でとどけるボイスドラマとカバー楽曲で、あるカフェの話を語るオリジナルミックスメディアプロジェクトとなります。本来、グループは日本語を勉強している或は日本や日本の文化に興味がある方々の為の企画となっています。コラボしながら、勉強し、改善していくというグループです。基本、各自のメンバーのオリジナルキャラクターを利用し、ストーリーを語るという形になっています。タッグ: #crescentcafe


本プロジェクトは季節毎に1話を公開予定となっています。1話毎に、1曲のカバー曲とオリジナルボイスドラマをリリースする予定となっています。メインプロダクション以外、メンバーたちコラボしたスペシャル動画もリリースしています。🌸 春 ☀️ 夏 🍁 秋 ❄ 冬




"Crescent Cafe"That's what everybody's been talking about these days. At schools, workplaces, among the young and the elderly, everyone's been talking about how much they have enjoyed the cafe the moment they've entered the place. The cafe only opened this year and is situated in one of the busy streets of Minato Mirai, right in the heart of Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.The Cafe is open to all ages, and offer various entertainment to their customers, especially to their regulars - from simple games and tricks, acting, singing and dancing! You can enjoy a quiet afternoon tea, a tranquil raining day, a jazzy night, or even energetic parties during special festivities. Opens from six in the morning until midnight. All of the staff works by shift, and accepts full time and part time workers!We hope that you will enjoy your time staying with us!




Open Positions:

  • Animators

  • Artists

  • Graphic designers

  • Mixers

  • Translators (EN to JP)

  • Assistants

How to Apply:

  1. Check if your desired position is open. You can check above or in the audition form. You can also check our discord server and other SNS for latest announcements of opening of slots.

  2. Fill out the audition form bellow with complete information.

  3. Wait until you are contacted by one of the heads.

  4. If there are no response from the form two weeks after you have submitted, kindly contact us.



  • 動画師

  • 絵師

  • ミックス師

  • グラフィックスデザイナー

  • 翻訳者

  • 裏方のアシスト


  • キャスト(声優・ボーカリスト)応募不可

  • シナリオライター  応募不可


  1. 応募したい役割は募集中リストに記載してあるかどうかご確認してから、応募して下さい。こちらのディスコードサーバやTwitter等で募集中の更新はお知らせするので、そちらでも確認可能です。

  2. 以下のリンクにて応募フォームを記入して下さい。

  3. こちらからのご連絡をお待ち下さい。

  4. 2週間以内にこちらからの連絡がなければ、ご遠慮なくそちらの方からご連絡しても構いません。

  5. お問い合わせ等はよくある質問を見てからお問い合わせ下さい。

main cast


  • Alkwarizm

  • Linzz

  • Lyra

  • なぎさ


  • Ann

  • Kii

  • Kimino

  • Kuuto

  • Linzz

  • Nol

  • Scarlet

  • Somarini

  • Soren

  • Yacchan

  • kAz


  • Ash

  • Fiish

  • T.Rese


  • Alkwarizm

  • Ann

  • Barney

  • Linzz

  • Nol

  • T.Rese

  • なぎさ


CV: Alkh
Name: Kuroba, Aru (黒羽 或)
Age: 20+
Gender: Male
Birthday: September 6th
Occupation: Salaryman
Cafe Role: Floor Staff
Hobbies & Likes: Black coffee, cooking


CV: Nol
Name: Kamino, Eru (神之 絵流)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 7
Occupation: Cafe Part Time, College Student
Cafe Role: Floor Staff
Hobbies & Likes: Acting, interesting things, lying, tea.


CV: Hyu
Name: Hyu
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Birthday: November 23rd
Occupation: Cafe Full Time
Cafe Role: Floor Staff
Hobbies & Likes: Playing games, singing, anything NSFW


CV: Linzz
Name: Linzz (リンズ)
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 4th
Occupation: Businesswoman
Cafe Role: Cafe Owner, Bar Counter Staff
Hobbies & Likes: Music, tea time, scolding the young ones


CV: リリサ
Name: Hanamori, Ririsa (花森 リリサ)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Birthday: February 5th
Occupation: Cafe Part Time, University Student
Cafe Role: Floor Staff
Hobbies & Likes: Anything pink, sweets, singing, video games, petting animals, lolita fashion


CV: Lyra
Name: Selia (セリア)
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Birthday: April 11th
Occupation: Cafe Part Time, Full Time Dessert Devourer
Cafe Role: Pastry Chef
Hobbies & Likes: Snacks, dessert, sweet things, playing games


CV: T.Rese
Name: Motoki, Mei (元木明依)
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 8th
Occupation: Cafe Part Time, University Student
Cafe Role: Floor Staff
Hobbies & Likes: Singing, dancing, journaling, music, gaming, sleeping


CV: なぎさ
Name: Odawara, Nagisa (小田原渚)
Age: 23
Gender: Nonbinaru
Birthday: August 6th
Occupation: Cafe Part Time, CPA Part Time, Freelance Musician
Cafe Role: Chocolate, spicy snacks, music/singing, video games, dad jokes


CV: Sky
Name: Sky
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Birthday: September 18th
Occupation: Singer/Songwriter, Hobbyist Photographer
Cafe Role: Reading, gardening, singing, bideo games, photography, singing, cats


CV: テイトくん
Name: Shibata, Gojiro (柴田 剛二朗)
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Birthday: November 23rd
Occupation: University Student
Cafe Role: Singing, voice acting, drawing, coffee/choco milk, being friends

full cast list

Active Members:

AkiokAzBaristaEp. 2twt | yt
AliceTANGHULUタンフルJanitorEp. 3twt | yt
Ann--Ep. 2twt | ig
AruAlkhFloor StaffEp. 0-
EmilTANGHULUタンフルBakerEp. 3twt | yt
EruNolFloor StaffEp. 0-
GigiAngieCashierEp. 1twt | yt
GoujirouTeitoFloor Staff & CashierEp. 3twt | yt | ig
HyuHyuFloor StaffEp. 0twt | yt
KiiKiiBaristaEp. 1twt | ig
KiminoKiminoDelivery & KitchenEp. 3twt | yt
LilithRieneCleaningEp. 0twt | site
LimonFiishKitchen AssistantEp. 0twt | linktree
LinzzLinzzOwnerEp. 0twt | ig | site
MeiT.ReseManagementEp. 1twt | yt | ig
MuffMuffcakezzzFloor StaffEp. 2twt
NagisaNagisaFloor Staff & Book KeeperEp. 3twt | yt
Obi--Ep. 2-
RinaArlenaBaristaEp. 0twt | yt | site
RirisaリリサFloor StaffEp. 0twt | yt
SangriaErikaFloor Staff & BaristaEp. 0twt
ScarletScarletCatFloor StaffEp. 1twt | ig
SeliaLyraPatissiereEp. 0twt | twitch
ShotaroBarneyCleaningEp. 1twt
SilasSomariniCleaningEp. 2twt | yt
SintySintyFloor StaffEp. 0ig | yt
SkySkyBaristaEp. 3twt | yt
SolielaSolielaInterior DesignerEp. 0ig
SorenNashBartenderEp. 2twt | yt
TorikuutoKitchen StaffEp. 1ig
TokinoヤスミンBakerEp. 3twt | ig

Inactive Members:

Elec--Ep. 2ig
KaydenSenKitchen StaffEp. 0twt
YukiQuasun-Ep. 1twt


ENG | 日本


Q: Is the project going to be delivered in Japanese?
A: Yes. We all aim to exercise the Japanese that we've learned through this project.
Q: Do you have a native Japanese person in your team that helps you?
A: No. Currently we don't have any native Japanese members. So expect mistakes sometimes!
Q: Do the members get compensation?
A: Depends. Compensation will be given based on your contribution, performance, and output quality.
Q: Do I need to join each episode to stay in the group?
A: No. You are allowed to skip episodes or seasons.
Q: Am I allowed to pick which task or role I will do for an episode?
A: Yes. Based on the position/s you’ve applied for, you will get work options and you are free to work on whichever you want to do. You also have an option to do others aside from those if you wish to try or to learn them, so long we know that our group can support you.


Q: Can I join as a temporary staff for an episode?
A: No. Please audition as a member if you're interested in joining. Our permanent members are allowed to skip seasons.
Q: Can I join as a scenario writer even if I don't know how to speak Japanese?
A: Yes. However, writer positions are currently closed.
Q: I'd like to audition as a cast member but I don't have any Japanese voice acting work. Do you have sample scripts that I can use to audition?
A: Yes. Please go here to find some sample scripts you can use.
Q: Can I audition even though I am not confident in my skills?
A: Yes, so show us your best works when you audition. We are all amateurs and we also aim to help each other improve as we go.
Q: I was a member before, but can I join again?
A: Yes, you can.

Voice Acting:

Q: Do you provide romaji for the script?
A: Yes. We provide both romaji and English translations to those who need it.
Q: Do you provide English translations of the script?
A: Yes. We provide English translations of the script.
Q: Can I join even though I don't understand Japanese?
A: Yes. The script will have English translations and romaji. You should be able to voice-act in Japanese comfortably, as minimum. Production updates will be in English.
Q: Can I join even though I'm not confident in my Japanese pronunciation?
A: Yes. Please practice the lines/script first and record your best take to send as your samples.
Q: Can I request line directing as reference for my voice acting?
A: Yes. You can request a one-on-one, provided there is anyone available who can help. Please take note that we don’t have anyone professional in our group, just people with experience learning from clubs and personal studies. This is only available for Crescent Cafe-related projects.


Q: How can I support your project?
A: You can support us by following our SNS accounts, commenting or giving a like to our released episodes, sharing our promotional links, images and videos, and other small actions that you think can help us grow. Your support, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated.
Q: Do you accept donations?
A: Yes. You can donate via ko-fi. All donations are being logged and archived in a place where members can see them. All amounts will be distributed among the members who were involved in production based on their contribution, workload, work quality, and efficiency.
Q: Can I use your script for my own personal voice acting practice?
A: Depends. You are ONLY allowed to use a part of any episode scripts, with a maximum of 2 scenes, if you plan to upload it online. If uploaded online, please credit us by linking us back when they are up. You can also link us to your uploaded works so we can share them.


ENG | 日本


Q: 日本人でも参加又は応募出来ますか?
A: はい、できます。但し、メンバーはほとんど日本語が出来ない為、製作全ての段階は英語でやり取りの事をご了承願います。日本語が出来るメンバーがいますので日本語専用のチャンネル等が必要でしたら、作る事が出来ます。
Q: 本プロジェクトは日本語で行いますか?
A: はい。本プロジェクトはメンバーの日本語能力を実践するためのプロジェクトなので、全話を日本語で出す予定です。
Q: メンバーに日本人はいますか?
A: いいえ、現時点では日本国籍のメンバーはいません。日本語のミス等がありましたらご了承お願いします。
Q: 本プロジェクトのメンバーは代償をもらう事になっていますか?
A: 場合によります。メンバーの仕事量、パフォーマンス、仕上げのクオリティー等で判断し計算されます。
Q: メンバーとして、毎回のエピソードの参加は必要ですか?
A: いいえ。毎回のご参加は随意です。
Q: メンバーとして、やりたい仕事を選ぶ事が出来ますか?
A: はい。応募した役割で決められた選択肢の中から仕事を選ぶ事が出来ます。それ以外でも、「練習したい!」「勉強したい!」等の希望にはグループとして答えられる範囲でならできます。


Q: 仮のスタッフとして参加出来ますか?
A: いいえ。メンバーの毎回のご参加は求めていませんので、ご興味のある方はメンバーとしてオーディションにてご参加ください。
Q: メンバーキャストとして応募したいのですが、声の出演歴がありません。オーディション用の台本等はありますか?
A: はい。こちらにて使用可能の台詞又は台本をご利用下さい。
Q: 自分の技術には自信がありませんが、応募できますか?
A: はい。最もベストのサンプルで応募してみて下さい。メンバーは全員アマチュアなので、改善していける為にお互いに手伝う事になっております。
Q: 元メンバーですが、もう一度応募できますか?
A: はい、できます。


Q: 台詞又は台本を確認出来る日本人は必要ですか?
A: はい、大歓迎です。台詞又は台本の改善出来る箇所を教えて頂く事が出来る方がいれば、凄く助かります。
Q: アフレコのレッスンやダイレクティング等はありますか?
A: 声優になる事が出来るレベルのようなプロのダイレクティングやレッスンはありませんが、日本語が出来ないメンバーの為のダイレクティング(初心者向けの発音、強調、演技、改善できる箇所のようなものを教えるレベル)はあります。ダイレクティングはマンツゥーマンの必要な場合、ダイレクティングが出来るメンバーがいるという前提で依頼出来ます。


Q: 本プロジェクトを応援したいのですが、どうすればいいですか?
A: 本プロジェクトのSNS等をフォローしたり、当方が投稿した動画にコメント又はいいねしたり、プロモーション用のリンクや画像や動画などをシェアしたりして頂くと凄く嬉しいです。小さなアクションでも応援になりますので、宜しくお願いします。


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